About Tiny Hands School


portfolio_6 Tiny Hands Pre-School A unit of LBS ACADEMY International Private Limited which is the leading educational institution in India with a motto of providing world-class education to every child and having a experience of 29+ years, currently having setup in 5 states and 40 cities. Tiny Hands Pre-school strives to provide children with a world-class educational experience. Children are our number 1st priority! We aim to establish a special bond with our parents, and commit to work closely for our kid`s education to be most effective.

Tiny Hands Pre School has offered kids from age 2 to 6 year, our motto is to provide online home education experience to our local and distance parents. We assist and encourage our kids to develop skills which will contribute to their personal, social, emotional and intellectual growth. We provide an introduction to the world and access to a bright future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give the best to every child with the most powerful tool, i.e. un-interrupted education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the light of education to every individual child to connect with world-class education with ease and comfort.

Easy & fun learning program
Flexible timings
Build a strong bond between parents & child
Books, Videos and worksheets.
Real-time Learning

Our Presence

Tiny Hands Pre-school Head office is located in Jaipur, corporate office and campus is in Kota, Rajasthan, in Collaboration with London, UK.

At Home school of Tiny Hands, we encourage our children to develop self-confidence and motivation by giving them the opportunity to educate themselves on a daily basis.

Tiny Hands Pre-school is India’s most sophisticated and the most affordable pre- school to start with. With most economic fee structure and world-class curriculum. It is the fastest growing preschool chain in INDIA.